Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catch Up Time!!

Christmas in you celebrate it or just treat it like a regular month?  Oddly enough, Christmas in July is something I enjoy celebrating; lots of people find me weird because of that, but surely I'm not the only one, and if I am, then maybe I am weird!  I don't go as far as to putting up a Christmas tree in my house (because that would probably make me seem more psycho than weird), but I do blast my Christmas playlist and sing along to songs like "Silent Night", "This Christmas", and "Do You Hear What I Hear".  Listening to Christmas carols in the middle of the year is actually relaxing.  Now if I could just do something about this heat, I'd be all set.  If you don't celebrate Christmas in July, I highly recommend it; it's good for your youth!!

There is definitely a such thing as being overly confident, and it's called cockiness.  Just like the picture says, "confidence is attractive, cockiness isn't."  One of my biggest pet peeves is learning about a cocky person.  I love reviewing books and connecting with the authors who have written these amazing novels.  Awhile back, Jodi Picoult stated in an article that people shouldn't self-publish.  A few weeks ago I read an article where a woman called the genre, Chick-Lit, stupid and said it was a sexist term.  Throughout her interview she just seemed really cocky and overly confident which was a huge turn-off for me.  Authors who are that cocky and say things like that steers me in the wrong way; I'd much rather read a self-published novel by a down to earth author than an overly confident author whose book has been published by a major publishing company.  Authors have fans and their fans look up to them; the last thing any author should want to do is say something so discouraging in an interview.