Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost 2012!!!

It is almost 2012, and it just seems like 2011 just got here.  I'm not so sure if I'll be making any resolutions yet though; if any, it'll probably be something simple like read more books, write more scripts, focus on my yoga more, and get more followers on my blogs.  I think that each of these resolutions could be achieved with the right kind of mindset.   Surprisingly, I don't have much to talk about, but I have lots to do!!!  So, with that said, I should probably hop to it all!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'm extremely tired, but I just wanted to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas.  I also wanted to let you all know that my Secret Santa ended up being my mommy (huge shocker to me)!!  I had my father's name, and even though it was kinda hard to buy for him, he enjoyed each and everyone of his gifts.  Hope you all enjoyed your day, your food, and the time spent with your family; I know I surely did!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tomorrow is The Semi-BIG Day

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I couldn't be more excited.  Tomorrow is the day that I find out who my Secret Santa is...and I cannot wait, I'm super excited.  Today was my dad's birthday and I think he really enjoyed it despite the fact that we were really busy today.  Chris came over today and I really enjoyed seeing him.  When we have our good days, it's really good, and it definitely makes me appreciate having him as my best friend.  It's been a semi-long day and I'm pooped, but if I go to sleep now, I'm not going to be able to sleep through the night.  Just my luck!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 2 of Secret Santa

So today was day two of our Secret Santa giveaways, and I don't know why, but I'm completely convinced that either my dad or my older sister, Lucy, has my name, but we shall see.  Today was a very busy and long day...and the worst part about it is it's going to keep getting busier and longer, until after Christmas.  I'll just be happy when Christmas gets here...I always feel like a little kid around this time of year!!  In other news, Chris is coming home tomorrow, so this should be an interesting two weeks...I hope we can survive it lol!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 1 of Secret Santa

Sooo we started exchanging our Secret Santa gifts today, and everyone was very excited; I think my person was very satisfied with their gift.  I know I was very satisfied with my gift!!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to pig out, and that is exactly what my Secret Santa made me do today; I had food, and I loved it.  For example, I had a box of brownies, and I'm literally almost out!!  I have no clue who has my could be either of my two sisters, my mom, or my dad (even though this would be his third year in a row having my name!! lol).  On Christmas Eve though, I will be sure to let you all know who's name I had, and who had mine!!!  On another note, tomorrow I have some last minute Christmas shopping to do, so this should be fun, and hopefully not hectic!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

7 Days Until Christmas

I can't believe that Christmas is LITERALLY a week crazy is that??  I don't know how holidays are for y'all, but it can get pretty hectic over here at my house.  From cooking, to baking, to serving, and can be overwhelming, even if it's something we've been doing for years.  With all the preparations and activities leading up to Christmas, and even on that day, I think it's safe to say that my Christmas is always the day after.  The food tastes better, you get to really sit down and enjoy your presents, and you get to be lazy until New Year's Eve...well, not me of course, but other people might have that luxury.  On another note, boy it felt really good not having to do homework today!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Winter Break and Everything Else

I feel completely shameful because of the fact that I have not blogged since December 6th, but I have a very good excuse; I was SUPER BUSY with school, but now that I'm finished with everything for the semester, I'll have enough time to read, write, and blog about it all!!  So am I the only one who is SUPER EXCITED at the fact that there is only NINE MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!  Boy, that time sure did pass by fast; just think, in a few more weeks, it'll be 2012!!

Only 9 more days until Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Since I'm taking a break from my homework, I decided that now would be the perfect time for me to blog!!  So today is Day 1 of Finals and I'm actually looking forward to this Final...especially since it's what I do best; writing!!!  That's right, for my Final, my Screenwriting 2 class requires us to polish our short scripts that we've been basically working on for 14 weeks now.  I'm so excited because although it's a short script, it's the first script that I've ever finished in my ENTIRE LIFE...seeing as to how I'm going to be doing this for a living, I'd better get started on all of those full-length feature screenplays that I have roaming around in my head!!  I honestly love writing, and could not imagine my life without it.  So over the break, I am DETERMINED to pick one of my thirteen script ideas that I have and apply what I've learned in my Screenwriting class to help me finish it.  Lucky for me I have over a month off, so I should be able to get pretty far with this; I sure can't wait, and I will definitely keep y'all posted.  In other news, can you believe there are 19 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

School, Christmas, & Everything in Between

It has been really hard trying to balance school and everything else!!  Luckily, I only have a couple more weeks and then I'm free for almost a month!!  I honestly cannot wait until December 17th so I can be free of school...don't get me wrong, I absolutely love school, but sometimes I'd just like my free time to be able to read, blog, and just do whatever and not worry about deadlines!!  I know that it'll all pay off in the end though.

A really great tradition that my family has been doing for about three years now are pulling names on Thanksgiving day.  Of course we still buy gifts for everyone, but this is something we do leading up to Christmas day just to have a little fun.  We have five people in my house, so it works out perfectly.  The first year, I had my younger sister's name and it was really fun buying for her because I know her better than I know anyone else in my entire life; we are like twins, even though we're a year apart.  Last year, I had my older sister's name, which was also very fun because she's into the whole baking thing, so it was very easy to buy for her.  I'm not very good at keeping secrets, but I'm determined to not reveal whose name I have this year until the last day.  The last two years, my dad had my name, so I'm very anxious to see who has it this year.

Lastly, the past few days I've been struggling to make things work with my long distance friend.  I've always heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I highly disagree with that saying.  I have this friend (whose name will remain anonymous), and things are absolutely good for us when we're together, but when we're apart, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE...I have no idea why this happens, but it always ends up happening.  I wish I could fix it, but I have no idea how.  We're both really great people, but sometimes being great people just isn't enough, I guess.  I'm sure we'll get it together though, it just stinks right now is all!!