Friday, June 15, 2012

Life As an Aspiring Author

I told my mother that can of frosting helped my "Writer's Block"! Lol!!

I must admit that I'm really enjoying working on my first novel, "Four Weddings".  Despite the fact that I gave up my dream of wanting to write novels as a little girl, I've recently recanted; I really enjoy it.  I'm not saying that I'm giving up on Screenwriting, but I'm really enjoying this entire process of writing a novel.  What has been the biggest challenge for me, so far, is getting used to the formatting; I mean, for the past three years I've been studying formats for scripts.  I love how writing seems as if it's the same, but can be very different when you consider the formatting; for example, novels, scripts, and teleplays, is something I've worked on in the past few months and it took some time getting used to all of them.  The authors that I've interviewed on eBook Addict have all pretty much given the same advice to aspiring writers, which is "Write everyday"; I thought the advice was smart and insightful, but not something I could do because of my schedule, but they were right!!  It's as if I write now without even thinking twice about it; whether it's a sentence or a paragraph, I always make sure I write at least a little something everyday.  When I started eBook Addict, I never anticipated meeting such wonderful authors; authors who sometimes go unnoticed, but they gave me hope and made me want to pursue this journey.  Also to my surprise, I've been really dedicated to this novel; usually when I start working on a screenplay, I work on it for a few days and start working on a new screenplay within the next week and completely abandon the one I was originally working on.  Now, the only thing I want to work on is "Four Weddings"...maybe this is a good sign.  Like I mentioned before, I have ran across some great authors, but the Unsung Heroines that basically gave me the push that I needed towards this new journey...the women that I hope to be as successful and talented that they are will be listed below.

My Unsung Heroines (authors)

Sybil Nelson
Samantha March
Lacy Camey

**These women have been so incredibly amazing (and friendly to me) and has inspired me tremendously!!**


  1. So glad I can help inspire you :) Best of luck!

  2. I can't wait to read Four Weddings! Thanks for the mention!