Wednesday, May 9, 2012

25 Years Later

In 25 Years, I think the world will be completely different from how it is now.  There are a ton of things that can change between now and then, but the top three things I think will change the most is life with technology, our health, and cars.

I think that technology will take over the world completely in the next 25 years; it has partly taken over already.  In 25 years, I think instead of actual textbooks in classrooms, they will have Kindles and you'll be able to download all of your textbooks onto your Kindles.  I also think houses will become a lot more tech-savvy...almost like the Disney Movie, "Smart House".

Also in 25 years, I think our health will change immensely, but all for the best.  I think they will finally have a cure for cancer, infertility, and all the other diseases and disorders that has plagued our lives.

And last but certainly not least, I think in 25 years, all cars will be hybrids, but just in case they aren't, I'm crossing my fingers that gas prices won't be as high.

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