Monday, September 3, 2012

Appreciating Your Losses, Gains, and Everything You Have

There has been so much stuff going on lately, not only in my life, but in the world period! First and foremost, it's been a CRAZY last week; beyond crazy!! Through all this craziness, though, it made me appreciate everything I have in my life at this very moment, but before I get into that, I'd like to congratulate the Rancics on their baby boy! I'm a huge fan of their show and I'm thrilled for them because they deserve this happiness and more!!

On August 23rd, our lives were forever changed; on that day I lost my maternal uncle. His death was very unexpected and came as a shock to our entire family. I'll never forget that phone call, what I was doing when I got the phone call, or how fast I raced out of the house to be by my Grams' side. At the time I had no idea my uncle had passed away, I honestly thought it was going to be a call about my Gramps, but when I found out the real reason, I was completely heartbroken. I've been experiencing the loss of close family members for the past 3 years, and those were completely different than this one. Those family members had been sick for some time, not that I was expecting death, but I had some time to prepare myself for what might've happened, so when death is completely unexpected it takes some time to recover from something like that. Throughout this experience I've learned two things; the first thing, it is pure heck trying to organize a funeral during hurricane season, especially down in the South. The second thing I've learned is that my Grams is one of the STRONGEST women I know; a lot of people underestimate her. But you have to be a very strong woman to bury two of your children within a year of each other. Most people think that children are supposed to bury their parents, but that's not always the case; so please, appreciate and love your loved ones while their still here. Give them their flowers before it's too late!

Well, the time has come...this Thursday I'll be back to school. I'm definitely having mixed feelings about starting school again. I've been out of school for summer break since May, so it'll definitely be challenging to fall back into the routine of notes, homework, quizzes, and school projects, but I know as long as I work (not too) hard and I'm dedicated, I can't go wrong!!

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