Monday, December 23, 2013

My Father, My Unsung Hero

Today is the day that I take this time out to celebrate my Unsung Hero, my father. My father has always been my hero, but after these last two years of witnessing my father's strength, it has made me realize that I couldn't have picked a better hero. If anyone knows me, they know that I'm the definition of a daddy's girl. I've learned so many lessons from my dad, but here are my top 22 favorite lessons that I've learned:

22. How a real man is supposed to treat a lady (he treats my mom like the Queen that she is).

21. How to deal with whatever God throws my way.

20. Burping is NOT ladylike.

19. How to shout really loud during basketball and football games.

18. How to shoot a BB gun.

17. Westerns are really fun to watch (especially Bonanza).

16. How to stew a chicken (this was my first and last cooking lesson with him).

15. Never agree to drink coffee that comes with the bribe of $1 (he still owes me $1). 

14. How to be independent.

13. To believe in myself and my talent.

12. His favorite quote:  "If you don't mind do it, and if you do mind, do it anyway."!

11. Family is all that matters.

10. Nah unh is NOT a word!

9. Charlie Wilson is one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

8. That I beg too much (but he gives in)!

7. To cherish family every day because they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

6. How to mow the lawn.

5. Health should be your number one priority.

4. Water guns are definitely allowed in the house...unless mom finds out!

3. How to play pitty pat.

2. No matter how old I get, I will ALWAYS need my dad.

1. How to be a FIGHTER!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Thank you for being an amazing hero and an inspiration to all of us!

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