Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NKOTB Update & My Fitness Journey

I've been meaning to blog about this since last week, but I've been super busy trying to edit Sliding into Love before I start school. Sadly, the Spring semester begins on MONDAY!! Where did the break go?? Anyway, NKOTB released their new single, Remix (I Like The), a little earlier than I was expecting. I'm pretty sure you're wondering what the verdict is, and I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I guess because it sort of gives you that "back in the old days" kind of feel, which is fine. Does this mean that the song won't grow on me? Absolutely not! I've been known to absolutely HATE a song (which isn't the case with this song necessarily), and when the song is like a few months old I absolutely love it. So I'll give this song a chance. 
On the right of this post, you can see the new cover for NKOTB's new album, which will be titled 10. Personally, I think all of them look absolutely amazing/magically delicious on the front cover of this album, but my babies are always going to be Donnie and Danny!

Yesterday I started my fitness journey, which wasn't as bad as it was today. I was literally sore from head to toe! With this fitness journey, I'm hoping to get in shape; I may be 110 pounds, but I'm so out of shape, and that's not good at all. My workout routine consists of Tia Mowry's Calm and Core Yoga DVDs. So far, I've been doing the Core Yoga, which has been semi-pleasant. Using this DVD, and focusing on my core, helps burn fat and tone your abs. The calm DVD focuses more on losing weight and dissolving stress. I'll try and keep y'all posted throughout this new journey!

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