Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Wait is Over!!

I've been (im)patiently waiting for NKOTB to release their news on The View this morning, and I can't believe that time has finally come! This morning it was revealed that not only will New Kids On The Block be touring with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, but NKOTB is coming out with an album on April 2nd! I was so ecstatic when I heard this, my sisters were teasing me while I was half-way passed out on the couch from the news! The new single off their new album is releasing NEXT WEEK!! I'm super excited about this. I"m anxious to find out if it's going to be a ballad or something more upbeat, but whatever it is, I'm sure I'll love it! Until then, I'll just listen to all of my oldies by them (including their album I begged my mom & dad to get me for Christmas of 2008)! My birthday is literally right around the corner, and this was one of the best (early) presents ever! 

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