Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Meaning of True Love

As an Author, you often wonder what the meaning of true love is, or at least I do. Well, I used to, but not anymore. Today we celebrated my parents' 36th wedding anniversary. I've only been present for 22 years out of the 36 years they've been married, and I've learned so much from both of them. I wouldn't say that my parents have a fairy tale relationship. What they have is a forever kind of thing. 

One thing I admired, and still admire, about my parents' marriage is their unity. In our home, there was no such thing as getting one parent to go against the other one to get what we wanted. Somehow they were so in sync to the point where they could tell what the other one said.

A major life lesson I've learned about love, from my parents, is if you're going to be married, you must take your vows seriously. My parents vowed to love each other through sickness and in health.

Two years ago God put my parents to the ultimate test. My father was diagnosed with renal failure. He was hospitalized for what seemed like months, and my mom never left his side. A lot of people were shocked by this, but not me. Like I said, what they have is forever, and they did promise to love each other even through sickness.

The one thing I'm thankful for is that I didn't have to turn to fairy tales or movies to witness such a great love because I was raised in a home where my parents never stop showing or giving love. From sending anonymous cards to each other in the mail to saying, "I love you" every time they get off the phone with each other, what my parents have is special. I pray that I'll have as much success with my husband as my parents have with each other. 

Here are the top 10 things I've learned from my parents' marriage, that I'll eventually expect from my better half:

  1. The true meaning of loving someone through sickness and his health.
  2. Always share your coffee with whomever finishes their's first.
  3. Always say "I love you" before getting off the phone with each other, even if you're in the same house, but different rooms.
  4. It's okay to wake your spouse up if the weather is scary.
  5. Always give your spouse a kiss before leaving the house.
  6. Like all of the same movies and shows they like, if you don't, pretend that you do.
  7. There is no such thing as mine and yours. . .it's ours. Unless it's coffee.
  8. Sending an anonymous card in the mail for no reason (it'll definitely make your brothers-in-law want to step their game up).
  9. You know you've found your better half when you've been married for 36 years and have NEVER had an argument.
  10. There's no need to renew your vows if you got it right the first time.

So Happy 36th Anniversary to my wonderful parents. I know you'll have a lot more wonderful years to come! 

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